– from £35 (No VAT) for Home Owners, Landlords & Non VAT registered Businesses

– from £35 + VAT if you are VAT registered

You have transferred from a comparison website called EPC compare, and we provide EPCs and Floor Plans throughout England & Wales and have a network of 500 Assessors to complete it for you.  We have negotiated with them to obtain the best price we can for you which is linked to the volumes they receive from us, and please click the appropriate option below which will take you to the page to enter your post code to get your quote


OPTION 1 – If you are a Home Owner; Landlord or NON VAT registered Company – Pay at survey with NO VAT added

OPTION 2 – If you are a CORPORATE CLIENT that is not already registered with us – VAT is added

OPTION 3 –  If you are a CORPORATE CLIENT who already has a Username and password – VAT is added


If you are a Home Owner, Landlord, or NON VAT registered Company, payment is made directly to the Assessor, at the time of the survey.  They will provide your invoice, as that means you do not pay any VAT,  and spend 30 to 40 minutes at your property to produce your EPC which is then made available to download from our website, usually that evening or the following day.

Our Corporate clients use the same Assessor team and please click on the appropriate Option  below


Our fixed prices apply to what we define as a ‘standard property’ up to 4 bed detached, but if your property is larger of this, we ask a few questions to assess the complexity of your home, so we can be fair to the Assessors on the fee we pay them for the job.  Later pages on our website will ask you for more information if that is the case


You need a valid EPC if you market your property for Sale or Rent, for Solar installations, or if you have any energy improvements being provided under the Government ECO scheme.  We do not provide EPCs for Green Deal purposes as that requires an Assessor with additional qualifications


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