This page is a summary of all jobs allocated to you and their current status and if you are new to the website please click on the HOW TO UNDERSTAND THIS WEBSITE + symbol below, it will give you more detail.


(This is a newly programmed website and we will be lucky if there are no teething problems – please help by mailing any problems/suggestions to )

There are two main pages which are the Jobs Summary Page and the Individual Jobs page

JOB SUMMARY PAGE – follow the link in the top blue bar named ‘Your Dashboard’

This is a schedule of each individual job which summarises the position to date, and if you click the ‘view’ at right side, it takes you to the detail of the individual job.   Click the ‘ACCOUNTS’ in the top blue bar and it gives you the outstanding Jobs and the balance at the foot is made up of the Invoices between us that have been sent by either of us and remain outstanding.

If highlighted in GREEN, it means the job is waiting on you to either accept or to book the appointment.

If NO COLOUR, it is booked and date awaited.

If ORANGE, it means that the Survey date has passed and the job should soon be uploaded, and if there is a problem we ask you to leave a Note on the message Board.

INDIVIDUAL JOB PAGE – follow the ‘VIEW’ link in the Job Summary page or from an email sent to you

Much is self explanatory with a summary of the job in the yellow bar

There is an Appointment box where you can leave ‘Suggested’ Appts which the Keyholder is asked to confirm and will hopefully speed up the whole process.  If they don’t leave some dates, we ask that you try to contact the Key-holder by phone within 24 hours.

There is also a NOTES board, where you, the Client, the Key-holder for access & ourselves can leave Notes and read messages between us all, rather than send e-mails.  You can type your own message or copy & paste one of the standard Notes, and all will see a full history of Notes left by all.

Our system will send a reminder to you each afternoon if you haven’t yet accepted/declined the job or if accepted, if the Appt has not yet been booked, and also once the survey date has passed, asking for background details for any delay and expected timescale.


This gives more information on what is required to produce the job, and how to do it and also provides templates, examples and guidelines to help.

UPLOAD FILES There is an ‘Upload files’ window if you scroll down, which is for the various parts of the job and also your invoice if required





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