Individuals have the right to be informed about the collection and use of their personal data under the Data Protection (GDPR) regulations before they provide it, such as:


  • Purposes for processing your personal data – If you place an order for a product on our website, you will need to provide us with certain details as we need to know your address and contact details as a minimum plus additional information such as availability dates for a survey or any other information that you might provide to assist us to arrange your survey
  • Retention periods for that personal data – We need to retain this data for a min of six years as HM Revenue & Customs can go back that far for Tax purposes
  • Who it will be shared with – it will be shared with the Energy Assessor or other Professional in your area that we ask to call you to arrange the visit to your property to complete your order.  They obtain the information needed from our secure website and are asked to treat it as confidential.
  • Our ‘Secure’ website at is a secure website which means that when you visit us, the information transferred is encrypted between our server and your PC/Tablet/Phone to ensure that any information is as secure as it can be.   For a definition of encrypted, go to
  • E-mails sent by you or ourselves will not be as secure as messages sent using the website as they are not encrypted, meaning that a transfer of information using our website is safer.
  • EPCs when completed are lodged onto the National Register and can’t be removed and are valid for a period of ten years
  • Cancellation rights – If your job does not progress or is cancelled for any reason, you have the right to ask us to delete the data you provided us with


  • JJ Page
  • Director & Data Protection Officer
  • Premier Home Movers Ltd
  • 07515 367745

A secure website has the URL starting with https://www…..   – the ‘s’ stands for secure

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